Women Mastering Life with MS.

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In the Women Mastering Life with MS mini course, you will learn...

- How to move away from feeling frustrated and toward feeling understood by others who don't get MS.

- How to get your mind off the gerbil wheel and rewire your brain for positivity. 

- How to reduce stress and calm the survival brain from kicking into overdrive.

- So much more!

=> Plus you can watch the lessons on our computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Important information:

- This course can be done at your own pace. Only 20 minutes or less a day for FIVE days.

- You will get access to the online course platform right away when you sign up. Each day a new lesson will be made available. You will receive an email announcing each new lesson.

- You'll get unlimited time access to this mini-course for as long is it's online.

- Each time you complete a lesson, you will receive an email celebrating your commitment to living better with MS.

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