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Women Thriving with MS

 Live Life Better with MS

A Message from Jen DeTracey, Thriving with MS Coach

You have come to the right place if you are a WOMAN who lives with multiple sclerosis and is no longer able to work or has retired early because of the impact MS has on your day to day life.

Women Mastering Life with MS

You have a choice. You can let MS take over your life or You Can Take Over MS. Here are a number of supportive resources to choose from, including a mini course, our weTHRIVE Membership, and one-to-one coaching with ACC Certified Coach, Jen DeTracey.

Online Courses

Check out our 5-day mini course. Just 20 minutes or less each day to learn tools so you can Live Life Better with MS. You can go at your own pace :) Sliding Scale Pricing.

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Feeling Understood Course

When you live with MS, feeling understood is even more important. This online masterclass course shares 3 effective to be seen and heard. Sliding Scale Pricing.

Come Join Us

The MS Stress Release Process™

You'll receive 4 key power packed sessions (video, audio & transcripts).  Jen teaches you about stress & key ways to manage it better. Sliding Scale Pricing.

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Women Living with MS

Receive THREE simple relaxation techniques to reduce stress and calm your MS symptoms. Try ONE every day for three days. This is a quick and easy-to-follow guide that you can apply right away. Grab your relaxation guide now!

Three Quick and Easy Relaxation Techniques

If you are feeling stressed out or want more calm in your life, get this guide so you can try these quick and easy ways to relax!

"I have been living with MS for over 12 years and have successfully discovered how to THRIVE. Come join us if you want to learn how to experience living life BETTER with multiple sclerosis."

Jen DeTracey
Thriving with MS Coach

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Would you like people to really understand what it's like for you to live with MS? 

Learn 3 effective communication tools so you can feel understood and that others get you!                      

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