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About Jen DeTracey

Jen DeTracey was diagnosed with MS in 2010. Within six months, she thought she would never work again. At the time of diagnosis she was at the peak of her career as a marketing consultant, running her own business from home.

Feeling hopeless in the first year of diagnosis, she grappled with not wanting to live or face her new reality. This is when she asked the BIG question, "If I could do anything I wanted to do now, that I didn't have a chance to do before I was diagnosed with MS, what would it be?"

The answer kept Jen moving forward and facing her life head on by first striving toward her BIG dream.  Inch by inch she worked away at self-publishing her very first marketing book for small business owners.

By achieving this goal, she moved through the denial, anger and grief of living with MS. With the help of a therapist Jen started to accept her reality of now being a woman who lives with MS. A woman who embraces life no matter what.

Searching for how to deal with the emotional, physical and mental challenges, Jen started to dig deep for answers on how to navigate this current way of life. It started with uncovering a new perspective of viewing herself and the world around her.

Over a period of five years and navigating some rough waters, Jen began to discover how to THRIVE while living with MS symptoms and fatigue.

While attending her 3rd ten-day silent retreat, Jen experienced a divine download. She was given the message to create an online membership community for women who live with MS and fatigue to connect and discover how to THRIVE.

It has taken another five years for her to actualize this vision. She is so happy you have shown up and invites you to join her!

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